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Did you know there is a SECURE Messaging App, with Military-Grade Encryption, that PAYS YOU for using it and sharing it with others?

YES we pay you every 30 minutes of every day!

That's 48 times every day 365 days per year!

PunkPanda Token (PPM)

A Utility Token with its value supported by Panda Products (all private with military-grade encryption and all for Free):

PandaApp Messaging (like Whatsapp)

PandaPost File Sharing (like Dropbox)

PandaMeet Video Conferencing (like Zoom)

Panda11 Global Sports Fantasy

PandaVault Storage

PandaPlay Video Gaming

NFT Marketplace

Digital Crypto Wallet

DeFi Lending

Panda GIF's and Stickers

• Each having an optional paid version providing more benefits and income.


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STEP 1: Copy My Invite Code: 734265

STEP 2: Download our App

STEP 3: Create an account with a valid cell phone #, check your text messages for an OTP (One Time Passcode) and enter it when asked, then input my invite code 734265 when asked.

CONGRATULATIONS! You're In. That's it! You're ready to use the PandaApp and start earning every 30 minutes!

AFTER 'You're In' above THEN go to the Farm & REGISTER and SAVE your Farm Referral Link in case you buy tokens and to refer it to others, so they are linked to you for all future use.

You do NOT have to buy any tokens. But you may invite people who do want to buy tokens and they will need your referral link if they want to buy them. (This is separate from the app, so you'll need to share both links & the codes.)

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